WolvesPower Y3 6v12v lead battery charger

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WolvesPower Y3 6v12v lead battery charger
The powerful pulse repair technology can not only improve the battery's power receiving capacity, but also have the effect of removing sulfur, so that your battery performance is stronger and the life is longer!

Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 60W
Output: DC 6V 2A / 12V 4A
Polarity:Red(+) , Black(-)
Battery Voltage:6V/12V
Battery Vapacity:4-100Ah
Battery Type:Lead-Acid battery,Such as MF,Gel,Wet,and so on.
Certificate:CE,FCC,RoHS,Wire over UL certification
Do Not charge The Lithium Battery!
lead battery charger

WolvesPower 12v lead battery charger